Quality Commitment

In ecoGourmet Shop we are committed to the quality of products we offer to our customers.

In this sense, to become part of our catalogue, products must possess basic characteristics that make up our commitment that is based on the following principles:

Product selection

We are aware of the benefits you can bring to your health through food, for this reason, in our gourmet shop you will only find organic products or that have had a natural development, respecting the environment and using natural resources responsibly.

Premium Food

We offer selected foodflavoredrich in nuances that will make you enjoy unique gastronomic sensations under the philosophy Slow Food that is synonymous with eating healthy and delicious, to give due weight to the pleasure of eating.

Food processing

We have forged alliances with small producers who put the quality of raw materials and support the sustainability of the environment where they operate, selecting delicatessen prepared using procedures based on traditional knowledge and prioritizing quality instead of performance.


ecoGourmet Shop is differentiated by not storing products because of exceptional quality food would be reduced by being in stock.

Thus, when a customer places an order, Ecogourmet Shop request products suppliers who keep them in their facilities to provide them with the best storage conditions.

Slow Food

The slow food is a ritual to enjoy of eating. This movement defends the gastronomic pleasure maintaining a balance of respect and exchange with the ecosystem. Let us enjoy the time to eat with our family or friends, sharing our daily life and our concerns.

Our diet is, undoubtedly, the best medicine

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