Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

ECOGOURMET SHOP uses cookies: a small text file that is placed on the USER’s computer to record the USER’s activities on the website and to help the website to provide a better USER experience.

ECOGOURMET SHOP cookies cannot read data off your hard disk, nor can they read cookie files created by other providers.

These cookies collect only anonymous USER data with statistical interest (number of viewed pages, number of visits, visiting, etc..), saving the USER’s preferences, the information stored for shopping carts and providing anonymous tracking data for third party applications such as Google Analytics.

Thanks to these cookies, it’s possible that ECOGOURMET SHOP recognizes registered USERS after they have registered for the first time so they don’t have to register each time they access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them.

Within the Site, external links to other sites can be assigned, so ECOGOURMET SHOP may not have control over them, therefore it is not responsible for the way your data may be used.

Types of cookies

This site uses two types of cookies:

  • Technical Cookies: are those that allow the USER to browse the site and that are required for main functionalities such as providing a secure login, remembering the stage where an order may have been left, using the security features in navigation, video broadcast and audio, content sharing in social networks, etc.
  • Customization Cookies: are those cookies used to access predefined general characteristics such as language or the type of browser with which the service is accessed.
  • Analysis Cookies: they are cookies that allow insights of how a user interacts with the Site: tracking and USER behaviour analysis while browsing the Site. These cookies allow making improvements.

Google Analytics enables on this site the following cookies:

  • “__utma”: is necessary in order to distinguish USERS and Google Analytics sessions. Expires in 2 years.
  • “__utmb”: allows to identify new sessions or visits. Expires in 30 minutes.
  • “__utmc” session identifier. Expires when the site is abandoned.
  • “__utmz”: used to store the traffic source that brought the USER to the site. Expires after 6 months.
  • “__utmv”: USER variable cookie. Expires after 2 years.

The purpose of these cookies is to collect anonymous, statistical information about the behaviour that USERS have on the Site.

How do you disable cookies?

Generally, cookies make your browsing experience better. However, you may wish to disable cookies on this site. The most effective way is to disable cookies in your browser.

The USERS have the ability to configure their browser to be warned when receiving cookies and be able to refuse the use of cookies on their browser.

Please see the instructions for your browser for further information:

To use the Site, is not necessary for the USER to allow the installation of cookies sent by ECOGOURMET SHOP, notwithstanding that in such case, it will be required that the USER logs in each time he/she accesses a service that requires prior registration.

Use of cookies

In order for this site to work properly, and in order to evaluate and improve the site we need to store small files (called cookies) on your computer. Over 90% of all websites do this.Check our Cookies Policy for more information! ACEPTAR

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