Wooden Artisan Ham holders

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Wooden Artisan Ham holders
Ham holders
Walnut wood Ham holder
Wooden Ham holders
Wooden Artisan Ham holders

Wooden Artisan Ham holders

These artisanal ham holders are manufactured using premium quality solid wood with steel grip systems for securing the piece, which will ease the ham slicing process in any circumstance so that you can obtain the result of a professional slicer.

Each of the manufactured ham holders are unique and unrepeatable, you won’t find two identical finishes.

You may choose a natural base in sizes ranging from 20cm to 45cm in width.

Select the type of base you desire so you can see samples.

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The handcrafted wooden ham holders for slicing Iberian ham professionally are 100% handmade and come with bases made of natural, dense and durable wood with a thickness between 5cm and 10cm to provide stability during the process of slicing the Iberian ham.

To secure the ham piece, steel grips with a rotating, tilting and sliding system are used in order to offer great flexibility when securing the ham piece in place, thus being suitable for cutting Iberian hams or shoulders, regardless of their weight, size and shape.

We offer ham holders for cutting ham as well as any rustic furniture you may need, let us know what you require and we will give you a quote.

As for the ham holders, you may choose between those for domestic or professional use with sizes between 20cm and 45cm depending on your needs and respecting the natural shape of the tree.

Footed tables for ham holder adjusted to the height and width you may require.

Dining tables, kitchen tables, tables for the living room in sizes specified by the customer and with natural or refined finish.

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