Organic Saffron of Teruel Jiloca

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Organic Saffron Teruel Jiloca
Organic Saffron of Teruel Jiloca
Growing saffron Jiloca
Saffron flower Jiloca

Organic Saffron of Teruel Jiloca

Jiloca Saffron is the “SLOW FOOD BASTION”

This Teruel Organic Saffron Jiloca is made from the gatherings of the last harvest, this giving it higher benefits and is considered by many organoleptic analysis as the best saffron in the world.

Azafranes Jiloca aims to produce quality saffron under artisanal standards, always respecting the ecosystem.

The Aragon Committee on Organic Agriculture (CAAE ) certifies this natural saffron produced under the Artisanal Foods stamp.

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There are references to saffron from 2,000 years B. C., being already used in ceremonies, medicine and for its culinary qualities. Ancient books that have survived until today have references of saffron being used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome where it was used to dye hair or clothes or as a perfume.

In Venice there was a large in ‘red gold’ trade, where the Germans were the main buyers and England saffron reached such fame and value that counterfeits were common practice.

Azafranes Jiloca is a company dedicated to the production of ‘red gold’ in the region of Jiloca.

The Organic Saffron Teruel Jiloca comes in plastic box formats, blister or glass jar with different capabilities:

  • Blister of 0.5 gr. organic saffron
  • Plastic Boxes of organic saffron
    • Plastic Box 0.5 g
    • Plastic Box 1 g
    • Plastic Box 2 g
  • Glass jars of organic saffron
    • Glass jar 0.5 g
    • Glass jar 1 g
    • Glass jar 2 g
    • Glass jar 5 g
    • Glass jar 8 g

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