Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB 100% Basque (33cl: 24 bottles)

59.00 (inc. VAT)

Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB 100% Basque
Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB Brand
Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB Case of 24 bottles 33cl
Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB

Blonde Artisanal Beer ZerB 100% Basque (33cl: 24 bottles)

59.00 (inc. VAT)

  • Style: Kölsch
  • ABV: 5.3º
  • IBUs: 15
  • EBC: 6-8
  • Consume temperature: 4-6ºC

Pairing: seafood, fish, salad and cheese.

This highly fermented blonde artisanal beer is brewed with Tettnanger hops and two varieties of malt: Pilsner and Wheat.

ZerB is a 100 % Basque, blonde, artisanal beer with a mixture of wheat and barley, clear and refreshing, cloudy in appearance due to its 10% wheat , soft and with very smooth bitterness, and a clear hop flavour at the end with fruity tones.

Ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water.

Blonde Artisan Beer ZerB is a Kölsch style beer made ​​by people, not by machines.

Brewing the Artisanal Blonde Beer ZerB 100 % Basque

The process for obtaining this quality brew develops in 3 phases:

Juice Creation        

A broth resulting from boiling the malts (roasted cereal) in water, converting the starches into sugars which are subsequently transformed into alcohol prior to the fermentation step. At this stage the hops are added which provide the characteristic bitterness of the beer.


After adding the yeast, the broth is fermented at 17 º C.

The sugars are transformed into alcohol and the broth density is measured to make sure that 5.3% specific to ZerB is present.


During 4-5 weeks, the beer maturesin tanks in which the yeast generatesgas, unlike industrial beer to which carbon dioxide is artificiallyadded, then bottled and labelled.

This beer is not pasteurizednor filteredso that its organoleptic and nutritional properties are kept. This means it may contain sediments therefore vertical storage is recommended.

Kölsch style beers. After the elaboration of low fermentation beers spread throughoutGermany, the city of Köln continued to use the high fermentationstyle and they began using cold maturation and paler malts thus obtaining golden beers. They are usually very fruity, soft and pale coloured.

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