Acorn Fed Iberian Ham DOP Artisan “Summum”

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Patanegra Iberian Ham Artisan “Summum”
Iberian hams Eíriz
Iberian pig fattened
Artisan Eiriz hams

Acorn Fed Iberian Ham DOP Artisan “Summum”

Winner Great Taste 3 Star Gold (London)
Gold Medal Winner at IFFA (Germany)

The Artisan Iberian Acorn Fed Ham DOP Jamón de Huelva is a hand made created  using  traditional methods .

Pata Negra are hams coming from Iberian pigs bred freely in the pastures of   the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and fed on acorns in Montanera.

Cured for between 41-44 months using the traditional and natural air drying method (cold and dry air, mild summers and the humidity from the rain).

  • Colour: bright red
  • Aroma: intense
  • Touch: unctuous
  • Taste: exquisite, rich, fine, very sharp on the palate and persistent over time

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Artisan Iberian Ham 'Sliced' PDO Summum


In Jamones Eíriz, quality is being rewarded since 1816 and they base their artisan ham production on three pillars:

  1. The Raw Material: 100% pure  Iberian pigs freely reared in the meadow
  2. The alimentation: natural based on acorns and grasses
  3. Curing: between 41-44 months air curing with the sole addition of sea salt

The process de making these Artisan Iberian Acorn Fed Hams with the denomination “Jamón de Huelva”

First, the pigs are selected for their racial purity and are reared freely in the pasture at the rate of one pig per hectare of land so that it can grow, exercise and fatten naturally.

Come the sacrifice, sleep is induced so that the animal does not suffer, thus avoiding that the nervousness of the moment is transferred to the meat, hence increased quality.

The salting process, at a temperature of 2-3 ° C and relative humidity of 90%, is critical and hams must be categorized by weight. This process ensures that the cuts  catch the flavour and the aroma and that the  reproduction of microorganisms is prevented.

Next comes the washing process, done manually and then the drying stage when the moisture is removed gradually getting a uniform distribution of the salt throughout the meat cut for about 30 days.

In the dryer, the hams and shoulders are shaped by hand and hung to air dry in order to reduce moisture and enhance flavours.

The slow maturation in the cellar under the Mediterranean climate will continue for 18-22 months depending on the weight of each piece.

For all these reasons, they have been rewarded with numerous awards

    Gold Medal Winner at IFFA (Germany)
    Winner of the Great Taste 3 Star Gold (London)
    Golden Ham Award Iberjamón (Aracena-Spain)
    Jamones Eíriz features the Certified Quality of Andalusian Junta

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